One of ISA's main pillars is the ongoing commitment to Innovation.

Innovation is based in the continuous improvement in quality of products, services and processes in order to create added value for customers and for the company, differentiating the ISA’s offer.

To assure Innovation, technological surveillance and management of ideas, ISA has a young, robust, dynamic and highly qualified team, dedicated to the development of new products and solutions and still motivated by the permanent search on solutions that increasing innovation, according to the market's changing needs.

In order to be in constant technological update, ISA maintain a close relationship with technological partners, like centers of knowledge (the proximity to the academic community has always been one of ISA’s priority), but also with strategical business partners (like customers, potential customers or suppliers) at national or international level. ISA’s participation in research and technological development projects that create and design products and services is really important to reinforce the company’s business capacity and increase its flexibility and responsiveness to the global market, with the final objective increasing revenues.

Innovation and continuous technological evolution are ISA’s key points for consolidate its current markets, open new markets and business areas that emerge from global requirements.


From hundreds of projects where ISA took part, in framework programs at national and European level, we emphasizes recently finalized projects, as well as the latest approved projects.


Reinforcing ISA competitiveness through a strong internationalization strategy.

IMMO (Install, Monitor and Multi-Optimization)

Develop a solution for the downstream sector of Oil&Gas market, namely for the tank telemetry domain...


Design, development and validation of an integrated solution for Energy Efficiency and Smart Metering.


The "TICE.Mobilidade - Mobility System User Centered" aims to provide mobility services focused on the user, using for such infrastucture converging internet tools and thus making those solutions...


SPORTE2 aims to manage and optimize the triple dimensions of energy flows (generation, grid exchange and consumption) in Sport and Recreation Buildings by developing a new scalable and modular BMS...


BEEM-UP will demonstrate the economic, social and technical feasibility of retrofitting initiatives, drastically reducing the energy consumption in existing buildings, and lay the ground for massive.


Creation of an effective solution to implement a system with Embededd Intelligent Controls for Buildings with Renewable Generation and Storage


Adapt4ee aims at augmenting the contemporary architectural envelope by incorporating business and occupancy related information thus providing a holistic approach to the planning design and..


Helping cities to open their data and giving developers the tools they need, the CitySDK project aims for a step change in how to deliver services in urban environments