Invest in Human Resources


In order to maintain competitiveness, companies have to invest continuously in differentiation processes. ISA is aware of this reality for a long time and, to cope with competition, it bets on human resources and innovation. ISA has known how to be an agile business, dealing with the fast-growing challenges, many of them a result from successive integration of human resources and qualified young people to cope with the growing challenges and projects that it has won.

Close relationship with Universities


The company has invested in the establishment of partnerships with universities, through ISA Academy, in search for qualified young people who can develop their academic projects based on real-world challenges. This relationship has been beneficial both to ISA as for the students and for the country: on one hand, students have contact and develop solutions for the real market and, on the other hand, the company has the opportunity to know and employ the best resources, and the country sees its skilled young people having an opportunity for a business journey from an early age. ISA’s human resources are an example of this policy.

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