Internet of Things – the next big thing

Tank Monitoring and Internet of Things solutions for Oil&Gas

Internet of Things – the next big thing

September 19, 2016 News Sem categoria 0

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next big thing for many industries. In the Oil&Gas sector, companies have been using remote monitoring systems to improve the quality and efficiency of services where ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere has expertise over 26 years.

According to EIN NEWS, IoT is a most profitable sector in the Machine to Machine (M2M) service market, which are an important part of warehouse management, remote control, supply chain management, logistic services, traffic control, telemedicine, fleet management and robotics. And it is estimated that M2M service market will growth 22,69% from 2015 to 2020 per year. Sensors, Wi-Fi, cellular communication link and automatic computing software are components of the M2M service market.
ISA operates in the Oil&Gas market with remote monitoring and IoT solutions and has a strong presence in Europe, a fast grow market specially for smart gas meters, because of the increasing of the demand for gas sensors in Oil & Gas environmental application.
According to the PRNewswire the Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) segment is estimated to be the largest market for smart gas meters, being the AMR one of the solutions offered by ISA helping the Oil&Gas companies optimize the management and efficiency of its assets.
In addition, ISA not only offer gas metering solution but also Oil&Gas remote tank (fuel and LPG) monitoring in safety and sustainable way.
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ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere.

ISA - Intelligent Sensing Anywhere

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