Month: August 2016

Tank Monitoring and Internet of Things solutions for Oil&Gas


The social responsibility

Nowadays, companies are seen as environmental agents of change where they operate. These companies are influenced and influence their stakeholders through the impact they have on the environment.

Internet Of Things

In 5 years 75% connections will come from cellular and wireless

As we know Machine to Machine (M2M) or, as are nowadays called, Internet of Things (IoT) is growing at a massive rate. According to ABI research report – Building competitive advantage with IoT solution engines, every day more than 500.000 net new thing and device connections are created. And in 5 years, this number will…
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Join us at Northeast Propane Show on booth #43!

Today is the first day at Northeast Propane Show 2016! For Telsen21 and ISA ( Intelligent Sensing Anywhere ), this event is an opportunity to exhibit our propane and oil solutions, particularly in the areas of Tank Telemetry, Gas Cylinders and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR).


ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere.

ISA - Intelligent Sensing Anywhere

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