A glance about Internet of Things (IoT)

Tank Monitoring and Internet of Things solutions for Oil&Gas

A glance about Internet of Things (IoT)

May 6, 2016 News Sem categoria 0
Internet Of Things ISA

Nowadays we live in a more innovative and technological world, where we use more and more IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

As a technology, IoT has the potential to impact how we live and also how we work, this is a unique concept that plays a big role in the consumer, enterprise and industrial world.

For consumers, the adoption of IoT includes areas like home monitoring and control, and wearable tech. At the enterprise level building management, retail, telecom, energy sectors and others, are now implementing it.

In the industrial world IoT has been adopted by Oil&Gas, utilities, power grids and so on, where there are more benefits with the increased connectivity between SCADA networks and IT.

The future is going to be anything that can be connected, will be connected, whereby IoT facilitates integrating the physical world with THE virtual.

IoT can be applied to things that can help people reduce waste and improve efficiency, educating people regarding the way they live through remote monitoring.

Over 25 years, ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere has being an international reference in real time remote monitoring solutions, on Oil&Gas market.

ISA offers telemetry and M2M solutions for LPG and oil tank monitoring, automatic meter reading, cylinder monitoring and the newest solution for Smart Home – ISAhub which integrates IoT technologies.
In an increasingly competitive market, this is an opportunity to differentiate your portfolio through our innovative solutions.

Discover more about ISA solutions at www.isasensing.com.


ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere.

ISA - Intelligent Sensing Anywhere

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