c.Log – Reliability taken to the extreme

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c.Log – Reliability taken to the extreme

January 12, 2016 News Sem categoria 0
cLog Tank Monitoring

Reliability Taken to the Extreme
Reliable monitoring systems for LPG and fuel tanks is a primary prerequisite for our customers. As evidenced in photographs published recently, the c.Log, designed by ISA, functioned perfectly in the State of Maine (USA) where the outside temperature was 17 degrees below zero F as well as submerged below 3 feet of ice. That is reliability even in extreme conditions.
c.Log is a multi-purpose autonomous remote management system that provides data logging, automatic meter and dial reading and alarm triggering. The device can be connected to several sensors, wired or wirelessly through an RTU (Remote Transmitter Unit). The received data is saved and forwarded to a cloud server via GSM, CDMA, and through SMS/GPRS, with a configurable sending frequency, from once a week up to, several times a day. With all these features fully operational while submerged under ice the question that arises can be only one: what more can be required?

The explanation for such efficiency is based on experience. ISA has been in business for 25 years. ISA has a highly professional team of engineers and designers with more than 100,000 tank monitors deployed around the world. Companies like BP, Shell, Total, Primagaz and Repsol in Europe and other of the world’s largest petroleum companies, as well as four of the five largest retailers in America among its numerous valued clients have choose ISA products.
The result of experience and development proficiency culminates in a solution that is not only functional and durable, but also the driving force to increase efficiency by driving operating costs down.
True technology is not based on miracles. The right components are precisely chosen in order to obtain the desired results. C.Log is a battery-powered device. The lithium battery provides long term service and makes the installation process easier. This product is installed and functioning in 5 minutes using a dedicated mobile app that will ensure that the device is properly configured and that you collect high quality information and feedback in the field before the installer leaves the site.
Main Features:
• Installation in less than 5 minutes
• Configurable alarms
• Maintenance-free
• Software integrated within ERP
Multiple applications:
• Remote tank level monitoring
• Cathodic protection monitoring
• Automatic meter reading
• Tank inventory management
Technical analysis:
C.Log can operate in extreme temperature environments, even in submerged ice and abnormal freezing conditions. We should not neglect the effect of extreme low temperatures on battery autonomy, but physics is still something that we cannot bypass. Our product is designed to fully operate in temperature ranges of -40ºC to +60ºC (-40º F to 140º F).
c.Log encasing has an IP68 sealing which allows it to be submerged up to 1 meter (3 feet) for 1 hour. Our compact and unique encasing design ensures the device is able to support the pressure of freezing temperatures without breaking or shattering.
Battery life widely depends on environment conditions, namely ambient temperature as well as the configured communication frequency of the c.Log. As an average indicator, a 3 times per week communication frequency at a 10º C (50º F) average temperature should allow reasonably for about a 4 year battery lifespan.
Reliability applies not only to the products operation but also is a security differentiator. Through our precise intrinsic safety design process we are able to meet all the security certification requirements for explosive environments for our hardware. In this present age of ”the Internet of Things” in M2M connectivity reliability, safety and security are of paramount importance.
Ready to move your business operations reliability to the next level to achieve higher operating efficiency?
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