Looking the LPG future

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Looking the LPG future

November 16, 2015 News Sem categoria 0
LPG Future Consumption
According to 2015 Statistical Review of Global LPG, the forecast for LPG supply and demand is optimistic until the end of this decade, more precisely that global LPG demand grow up in a strong way, reflecting increased consumption in particular regions and sectors.

In the last 20 years, the global residential heating and cooking demand had many challenges. Nowadays, we know that Sub-Saharan Africa it is the potential household market, although demand regions looks unlikely to grow over the next five years. However, growth will continue through the key countries like Brazil and India.
Concerning the strongest demand growth sectors, we can see that it will be in the petrochemicals and light industrial sectors, where we can count with New Chinese propane and with the US to improve the demand market in these sectors. The transport sector should continue stable until 2020, due to many small markets, even if they still growing slowly, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia.
The following graphic shows the LPG consumption outlook to 2020


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