Mammut – An integrated solution

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Mammut – An integrated solution

June 16, 2015 News Sem categoria 0

Install an equipment in the field can be sometimes a difficult job and if we add it the task to register each installation or maintenance is, of course, a double effort. Always aiming to improve the conditions of the teams working on the field, ISA created the Mammut, which is a mobile application that works through a smart phone, making all the job easier and faster. The Mammut, connected to the new Prognos platform, completely replaces the use of Seeplus and the manual paper record, allowing access and dissemination of all the information before and after the work is done.

The Mammut is not just another tool, is an integrated solution with a whole range of options that a smart phone can support. With the touch of a button indicated for each function, the installer has access to the work assigned to it, to those who are pendent, to which were canceled due to lack of equipment and, above all, have the possibility to test the communication of the equipment itself, finishing the whole process with the registration of the installation or maintenance and its validation on the platform. The solution also allows to upgrade and add all types of information for each site, not just of the equipment but, in particular, GPS coordinates, always helpful for future interventions.

From now on, with this solution, the operation managers in the office have a better vision of the field in near real time, as well the client support department has the information to the client when requested. 


ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere.

ISA - Intelligent Sensing Anywhere

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