c.Log is now available with CDMA communication

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c.Log is now available with CDMA communication

June 8, 2015 News Sem categoria 0

Following ISA strategy to develop business in the US Market, we are now supporting the CDMA network in the US.

Our newest product, the c.Log series, commonly used in the Oil&Gas sector for a comprehensive set of applications, such as LPG Tank telemetry, cylinders and fuel as well as AMR (Automatic Reader Metering), has now been certified and approved by Verizon for the US Market.

The c.Log is a M2M cost effective solution for physical variables monitoring (such as levels and temperatures), with built-in data logging and remote communication capabilities. c.Log is compatible with several sensor types. During its operation, it collects and stores sensor readings, transmitting them, periodically, to a remote server. Alarm functions can be configured in order to allow end-user notifications.

With a low power consumption design, its lithium battery conveys the c.Log with excellent autonomy, ideal to be used in remote locations with minimum maintenance.

The c.Log is an ATEX, FM Approved and FCC certified equipment, ready to be installed wherever mobile coverage (GSM or CDMA) is available.

Read more on Verizon’s Website: https://opennetwork.verizonwireless.com/content/open-development/devices-modules/devices/cLog500_3439.html


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