M2M (Machine to Machine) market

Tank Monitoring and Internet of Things solutions for Oil&Gas

M2M (Machine to Machine) market

June 1, 2015 News Sem categoria 0
M2M for Oil & Gas

The growth of the M2M market is clearly visible in the estimates made by the consultant Berg Insight. According to their report, the number of M2M devices for the Oil & Gas shipped by suppliers reached the 93,000 units in 2013, representing an annual growth of about 23.1%. It is expected that in 2018 this number rises to 263,000 units, mostly equipment for the midstream and downstream area. The number of devices based on communication via GSM / GPRS and GPS will increase 22.1% and 27.5% respectively.

When it comes to values for installed and active equipments in the market, the forecast is 1.200.000 units installed by 2018, 870 thousand units, are GSM/ GPRS devices and about 250 thousand units operate using GPS signal.

M2M (Machine to Machine) is a type of cable or wireless communication between devices that evolved from traditional Telemetry, with a system that allows the remote measurement of various parameters of interest for the company. It is a technology increasingly used in several areas but it has a strategic importance in the entire production chain of the Oil & Gas market, being that one of the first to adopt the technology and a major user of it today. The importance of M2M technology in this market comes from the fact that much of the equipment (pipelines, tanks) are located in remote locations and difficult to be periodically checked by a technician. Today this is one of the only viable options at a minimally cost for communication with infrastructure located in remote and isolated locations.

With over twenty years of activity, ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere, has already an extensive experience in Machine to Machine solutions (M2M), going from the development of software and hardware, to the provision of services, particularly specialized in the Oil and Gas market.

ISA solutions and portfolio for this market include monitoring of fuel tanks, propane tanks, meters, gas distribution networks and service stations.


ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere.

ISA - Intelligent Sensing Anywhere

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