Gaz Propane Rainville Inc. executives visited ISA

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Gaz Propane Rainville Inc. executives visited ISA

April 10, 2015 News Sem categoria 0
Gaz Propane Rainville

This past week, Gaz Propane Rainville Inc. executives visited ISA, where they got to know better the company, the people and the different teams that develop, market and support our technology worldwide.

This family owned company founded in Quebec, Canada by Gérard Rainville and his wife Edna in 1966 has now more than 70 employees and more than 20.000 LPG tanks deployed in Quebec. Gaz Propane Rainville inc. is today a  leader in Propane energy distribution for all different types of customers in Quebec, from Agriculture, Industry, Business and Food Services, seeking to set itself apart by being a forward-thinking company.

Gaz Propane Rainville inc. has been an ISA customer since 2010 for Tank telemetry.


ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere.

ISA - Intelligent Sensing Anywhere

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