ISA and PRIMAVERA BSS launched an integrated solution that improves the logistic efficiency of oil and gas distribution companies

Tank Monitoring and Internet of Things solutions for Oil&Gas

ISA and PRIMAVERA BSS launched an integrated solution that improves the logistic efficiency of oil and gas distribution companies

June 13, 2014 News Sem categoria 0
The integration of the remote monitoring system Prognos with PRIMAVERA management software provides distributors access to a set of data, metrics and business information.

The remote consumption monitoring system Prognos, developed by ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere, began to benefit from an integration with the management solution PRIMAVERA. The combination of the two solutions allows oil and gas distribution companies to access key information that supports decision-making.
It is possible to know the consumption, stocks, replenishments to execute, or the logistics operations taking place over a period of time by integrating these two data sources, which associated with management metrics and forecasting business provides valuable information for decision-making.
This partnership adds critical value in an extremely aggressive international market. The data and reports that these two systems generate can be decided by each company according to the specificities of its business.
A new level of efficiency for oil and gas distribution companies
The oil and gas distribution companies encounter a new way to achieve greater efficiency and performance for their business using Prognos. This solution was developed by the Portuguese company ISA and allows remote monitoring and management of tanks/reservoirs, cylinders or meters. With the ability to integrate smart meters, meters with pulse reading and sensors from different manufacturers, Prognos becomes an independent solution from manufactures that is capable of grouping a heterogeneous distribution network through a single interface.
Learning the consumption profiles (either of tanks, cylinders, or meters), tracing distribution routes, anticipating supply needs, and controlling the stock are some of the main challenges faced by gas distributors. Prognos simplifies all of this management processes. This data becomes a decisive tool to improve logistics distribution activity, reduce costs and resources allocated to this function.
The integration with PRIMAVERA, a market leading management software used by thousands of companies in around 20 countries, gives the market a comprehensive and proven solution. ERP PRIMAVERA ensures integrated management of all business areas, ranging from the administration, accounting and financial management, to the commercial, logistics, equipment, assets and human resources components. It also ensures a rapid response to taxation and an abundance of data for decision support.


ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere.

ISA - Intelligent Sensing Anywhere

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