Cloogy at the service of gas distribution optimization

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Cloogy at the service of gas distribution optimization

April 10, 2014 News Sem categoria 0
Gas Cloogy

Companies distributing gas to final consumers can now find a new loyalty tool in Cloogy. Customers that supply their own home with a gas tank can now take advantage of a solution that allows them to simultaneously optimize the consumption of the tank and the energy consumption throughout the house.

In an increasingly competitive market, Cloogy is an opportunity for gas distribution companies to differentiate themselves through an innovative product. With Cloogy, the end consumer can control the energy consumption of their home and the gas tank level simultaneously. Real time data can be viewed through user-friendly software (on computer, tablet or smartphone) or a Monitor at any time.

Cloogy is a user-friendly solution that helps consumers save energy in their homes. For gas distribution companies, this integrated solution represents an innovative approach to the market: allowing greater insight into the consumption patterns of their customers and at the same time enhancing the optimization of gas supply process.

ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere launched this domestic consumption (electricity and gas) monitoring solution within a large project with a leading gas distributor in France. By the end of this project, the Cloogy’s innovative technology will be monitoring the gas and electricity consumption of approximately 15,000 residential customers, helping them to save money and enjoy a more comfort lifestyle.

The gas utility in question proved that the information provided by Cloogy helps consumers save energy in their homes with these savings reaching values ​​over 20%. This was the starting point for energy efficiency projects for utility customers. With this energy management solution for residential clients, utilities now have a new sales argument at their disposal which will increase the satisfaction and loyalty of its customers.


ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere.

ISA - Intelligent Sensing Anywhere

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