Are you using all of the information available to manage gas distribution?

Tank Monitoring and Internet of Things solutions for Oil&Gas

Are you using all of the information available to manage gas distribution?

March 20, 2014 News Sem categoria 0
Manage gas distribution Prognos

The rigorous processes that are part of the gas supply activity involve, in many cases, remote operations. The implementation of a system that monitors operations remotely and the data made available by the Prognos software is the right solution for distribution companies to manage gas networks more efficiently.

Imagine a typical day of a supply manager at a gas distribution company: this person is responsible for defining the routes that supply trucks will take each day. Are these routes defined in the most efficient way? Typically, a gas distribution company that does not have any remote reading systems plans replenishments based on historical estimates of consumption and the manager’s own experience. However, this procedure is fallible and has numerous drawbacks, such as the occurrence of empty reservoirs, unexpected fuel leaks and unnecessary or emergency replenishments or other unforeseen events that prevent the manager from carrying out his tasks in a normal way.

To battle the limited service quality that results from the constraints mentioned, gas distributors can now get the control they want through a software integrator of gas consumption readings. Prognos simplifies the route manager’s challenges by making processes more efficient due to the fact that it uses information collected in the field and the customers’ individual consumption history, as well as the network’s historic consumption, both as a whole or grouped in clusters. With simple and intuitive displays and interfaces, the user can access all of the network’s information faster.

Prognos receives updated data on gas tanks that are located many miles from the control center. The displayed data becomes a crucial tool to improve the distribution logistics, reducing costs and the resources allocated to this function. All these features allow gas distribution companies to provide a quality service, without disruptions. By choosing Prognos, besides providing a value-added service to the end customer, companies are also investing on a differentiating factor from their competitors.


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ISA - Intelligent Sensing Anywhere

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