Gas distributing companies have a new tool to optimize their logistics and reduce costs

Tank Monitoring and Internet of Things solutions for Oil&Gas

Gas distributing companies have a new tool to optimize their logistics and reduce costs

January 20, 2014 News Sem categoria 0

Responding to the permanent effort of gas distributing companies in making their logistics distribution processes more efficient and with lower costs, ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere developed c.Log: a new equipment that supplies remote information about the tanks’ gas level (as well as other parameters, if necessary) so that gas distributors can manage their supplies more effectively and efficiently.

c.Log collects real time information about the consumption of gas tanks and sends those data remotely to an ISA or client’s software. The company responsible for the distribution accesses data, being able to manage gas deliveries in a more proper way based on real time information, avoiding being out of stock.

The new equipment has an innovative design and new features that allow a simpler and quicker installation. Reducing installation and maintenance costs is of the most vital importance for small companies but especially for larger companies in which the dimension of the equipments’ network and distance (or isolation, in some cases) make these costs even more relevant.

The core role of this type of solutions (Machine-to-Machine) is to collect and send live information that helps managers in the decision making processes. c.Log was designed to perform multiple functionalities and help in this task. Apart from the gas tanks, the equipment also collects data from meters and gas bottles, for example.

Since its conception, this equipment was installed in Portugal, Spain, France, USA, Canada and Australia, proving the acknowledgement from the clients of the qualities and assets this equipment brings to the logistics process. This is one more example of ISA’s innovative character – pioneer at international level in offering remote management solutions for gas tanks. 20 years after the development of this solution, ISA develops c.Log, which brands the beginning of a new range of monitoring equipments for the sectors of oil and gas worldwide.


ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere.

ISA - Intelligent Sensing Anywhere

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