Know how easy it is to remotely control gas bottle levels

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Know how easy it is to remotely control gas bottle levels

December 18, 2013 News Sem categoria 0
Remote control gas bottle level

Gas distributors now have a tool at their disposal to manage gas bottle supply more effectively. ISA has designed a simple and easy to implement solution that ensures greater control over inventory for our clients: it allows to remotely manage the stock of bottled gas in residential and industrial customers, and at points of sale and supply.

The system was designed for gas distribution companies, a sector which faces increasing challenges. A pressure monitoring system detects the bottles in use that have become empty and automatically starts using the full bottles in stock.

The use of this solution ensures that customers always have their stocks at safe levels, thus allowing them to timely plan the distribution and replenishment of the customer network: the distribution company will be notified that it has to replenish the stock of bottles and that way customers will never run out of gas.

This bottle system is part of an extended portfolio of remote management solutions dedicated to the gas distribution market in which ISA has operated for over 20 years. The distributors may enjoy a full variety of solutions that allows them to manage tanks, meters and gas cylinders of multiple clients that range from the industrial to the residential sector. For the end consumer, the gas utility can now also provide a solution for energy management: Cloogy. With this solution, customers can now simultaneously monitor the home’s energy consumption as well as the gas tank’s consumption.

This is the role of Machine-to-Machine technologies: to enable processes in every organization, every home and for every person. Remote monitoring in the fuel market brings several benefits, which include gaining a superior service compared to the competition and an added-value tool that increases customer retention.


ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere.

ISA - Intelligent Sensing Anywhere

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