Vitogas recommends remote monitoring in all fuel distributing companies

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Vitogas recommends remote monitoring in all fuel distributing companies

May 16, 2013 News Sem categoria 0
Vitogas LPG Tanks Telemetry

Vitogas Spain manages its distribution activity with the monitoring support in its tanks park. The ISA solution to remotely monitor the LPG tanks is very simple, easy to implement and provides significant benefits to the refueling management process.

Our equipment captures the exact levels of the tanks and communicates the data in real time into a dedicated web platform. The data provided by the telemetry are fundamental for the distribution intelligent logistics. Obtaining these values allows you to set alarms for critical levels in order to control stocks and manage refueling more efficiently.

The Vitogas Spain Logistics department shared with ISA the significant changes in its activity with the use of our remote monitoring solution.

In the first place, Vitogas mentions that the need to implement equipment for remote management is the result of a solid internal policy based on the offer of the best service to its clients. With the remote monitoring in LPG tanks, they control more effectively the levels of the park, ensuring that their customers are never short of product. Telemetry allows, this way, a better tracking of consumption.

With the use of ISA’s telemetry devices, they ensure that the customers satisfaction is remarkable, and it improves the optimization in supply and travels. The reduction in distribution travels has been considerable.

In addition to these benefits, they feel an increase in the security of the trucks, because they reduced the number of journeys and also the number of clients with urgent low levels, deliveries one of the premises of the Vitogas Spain.

In Vitogas opinion, the use of the remote monitoring in tanks is a synonym of improvement for any company, because of the previously described advantages. The satisfaction of customers with the service, together with the improvement of safety and the reduction in costs represent relevant reasons to include telemetry as a benefit of the services offered to the end consumer.


ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere.

ISA - Intelligent Sensing Anywhere

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