BP Portugal’s LPG unit satisfied with the results obtained by using ISA’s telemetry solutions

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BP Portugal’s LPG unit satisfied with the results obtained by using ISA’s telemetry solutions

March 21, 2013 News Sem categoria 0

The department responsible for logistics of BP Portugal’s LPG business, which has been using ISA´s telemetry solutions since 1997, shared its experience highlighting the significant logistical gains, due to versatility of the system that integrates specially designed equipment for tank monitoring and easy-to-use software that allows the management of logistic processes.

According to the same source from the fuel company, ISA´s telemetry has brought “a greater efficiency in the replenishments with larger quantities supplied, better fleet efficiency and less complaints from clients with non-regular consumption”.

Telemetry or remote metering allows BP to know the levels of their LPG deposits. The deposits are being monitored by ISA´s specialized equipment that, through dedicated software, enables a periodical visualization of the collected data and also allows the user to receive alarms when the tanks are at critical levels. Knowing the quantity of available LPG has become an easy and automatic process with this solution.

BP considers that the service provided by the technology company is “very good”, mainly because “ISA is always available to respond our requests and solve our problems”.

This is another example of ISA´s innovative quality, which has been implementing this solution since 1996 with great levels of success for numerous fuel distribution companies in five continents.

Testimonies like this one from BP give the company more strength and motivation to continue to be in the forefront of the development of telemetry solutions for partners all over the world.


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