ISA develops a complete solution for energy management in hospitals

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ISA develops a complete solution for energy management in hospitals

November 19, 2012 News Sem categoria 0
HUC ISA remote monitoring
ISA has installed an energy management system in the University of Coimbra Hospital (HUC), which gives this health unit capacity to monitor and control its electricity consumption. With this system the hospital can access detailed information about the quality of the power supply which is a crucial aspect for technical management of any health unit of this size and characteristics.

ISA- Intelligent Sensing Anywhere, a Portuguese technology company, specialized in development of monitoring and remote management technology, has developed a complete solution for energy management in hospitals and health units. The solution includes monitoring equipment and electricity management software which enables users to read and analyze the real time energy data remotely. Additionally to this solution, ISA can add services that allow managing all of the energy process in a more comprehensive and complete form: energy auditing, certification and management.
With this project the University of Coimbra Hospital currently has a system which allows to monitor the electric consumption of hospital´s central block, and this has brought benefits for all of the team: reduction of costs (financial), improvement of hospital´s image in the eyes of stakeholders, detailed and better information for more efficient management, control over consumption and energetic security, evaluation of future investments in eco-efficient measures and technologies (infrastructure, management and financial).
According to Isabel Daniel, an electric engineer at HUC, this system is fundamental because it “allows to know the state of the electricity grid, where the consumption is higher and where we can improve.”
This project is still in the initial phase, but it is estimated that the hospital is going to save around 15 – 20% of its electricity costs. Hospital units are large energy consumers. The high consumption is mainly caused by continuous utilization of buildings, high level of thermal comfort required for patients, demanding standards of internal air quality and the specific usage of the existing equipment in these type of facilities. Energy management takes a very important role here, presenting an enormous potential of reduction of operating costs and increasing the comfort conditions. In this sense, ISA has developed this solution working closely with hospital teams to maximize cost reductions and analyze actions that empower energy efficiency, namely measures that involve investments.
In order to be able to develop these projects, the technology company can apply for the Energy Efficiency Fund (EEF) which may support it without the need of financial effort from the health unit´s side. During the recent years, ISA has invested in developing solutions in the area of remote monitoring directed to energy efficiency which has resulted in a range of dedicated solutions for various sectors. Buildings, banks, airports, hotels, retail, teaching units, industries are examples of areas where ISA has developed projects. As a pioneer in the development of remote monitoring technology, ISA has added value to its offer to the client by diversifying its business offer by entering the energy efficiency sector. Through accumulated know-how, the company currently has an offer that combines hardware and software, which together allow to increase the efficiency and value of the management processes.


ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere.

ISA - Intelligent Sensing Anywhere

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