Leading analyst firm recognizes ISA’s Smart Cities technology

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Leading analyst firm recognizes ISA’s Smart Cities technology

April 26, 2012 News Sem categoria 0
Cool Vendor Telemetry
ISA has just been designated ” Cool Vendor for Smart City Applications ” by Gartner, the leading analyst firm on the information technologies’ (IT). The designation is made by this advisory company in its annual report about technology companies in the world. Published annually since 2004 it is recognized as one of the most important IT industry reports.

The process to select the best IT companies begins at the end of each year with Gartner’s top analysts identifying the most interesting firms. It ends in April, with the publication of the annual report. During the process, Gartner has interviewed ISA’s clients and analyzed the solution’s potential for smart cities.
We believe Gartner’s recognition confirms ISA’s ability to develop innovative solutions for a smart city, which include, for example, smart monitoring and management of energy consumption in buildings, houses, and water supply and treatment networks.
ISA has been developing solutions for smart cities with systems that optimize and make energy resources’ usage more efficient. We consider this designation as recognition that the company is making the right products in the right way. “Gartner is world renowned for its market analyses in the Information Technology field. It makes ISA very proud to be considered in the distinguished list of Cool Vendors selected for the year 2012”, said José Basílio Simões.
ISA’s CEO highlights three main drivers supported by this nomination: “Firstly, the correct strategy of putting ISA’s telemetry and remote management solutions to the service of a sustainable environment, by empowering clients to be more energy efficient, by enhancing the quality of life of the cities’ users, and, by extending our technology to encompass gas, electricity, buildings and more efficient public lighting. Secondly, this nomination shows ISA’s innovative skills, attested by 20 years of serving its prestigious and highly demanding clients, measuring, controlling, and helping them manage their operations and assets across the globe. Thirdly, this nomination will be very important for the success of our process of international investment expansion across Europe, the Middle East, USA and Brazil.”
ISA develops smart technology with sensors that transmit information to management platforms, creating “business intelligence”. By creating these solutions, ISA contributes to the proliferation of technologies. ISA, a specialist and leader in telemetry and remote management solutions in the fields of energy, gas, oil, health and environment, is internationally recognized and is today present in more than 20 countries across five continents.
ISA’s strong exportation skills, and the quality of its technical and innovative solutions, have placed the company in a competitive position of prominence, both nationally and internationally. This company has BES, EDP, BP, Shell, Galp, PT, EPAL, Águas do Mondego, Águas de Coimbra, Coimbra Hospital Center, ANA – Airports, PRIMAGAZ, Butagaz, Digal, SANASA or the University of Aveiro, as some of its key customers. Its career began over 20 years ago with gas telemetry, an area in which ISA is pioneer and world leader. In the area of management efficiency area, ISA has been developing and presenting solutions for remote monitoring and management primarily applied to three markets: residential, business and utilities.


ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere.

ISA - Intelligent Sensing Anywhere

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