ISA install its first equipment in the Middle East

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ISA install its first equipment in the Middle East

March 13, 2012 News Sem categoria 0
ISA Middle East, a company from the ISA Group, has just installed its fuel tanks solution in Egyptian territory. The first of five installations was performed on the 20th, at Marditex, a company placed in Cairo. The project’s aim is to monitor and manage the level and supply of a reservoir that can store up to 35 thousand litters of fuel, which supplies a textile processing factory.

This company’s administration is excited about the telemetry solution’s introduction, which will enable them a better and more automated management of the fuel’s stock level preventing shortage in supply that would negatively affect the factory’s production rates. ISA plans to use the project’s good results and performance as an example for other clients to visit and for new business opportunities.
There is a second project which has already begun in the middle of the desert, where fuel tank monitoring equipment to supply watering pivots has been installed. This is the first step of a broader automated management solution of agricultural farms which ISA is testing. The solution’s implementation will allow the client to perform a more automated management and with very inferior costs through remote and real time information gathered on the terrain.
After this pilot stage, ISA Middle East will install another set of monitoring equipment on the same client and there is a chance that the work will be replicated on similar installations in various locations in the desert. Currently, ISA exports 70 per cent of its production. This move is part of the company’s internationalization strategy, which has already consolidated its lead in the Portuguese remote monitoring and telemetry sector.
With these facilities, ISA Middle East, led by CTO Paulo Santos, auspiciously begins its course in Egyptian territory.


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