What is SatCom?

The iLogger Satcom is a longlife battery operated satellite communication solution, and the definitive extension for ISA’s remote monitoring solutions. The iLogger Satcom gateway acts as a hub collecting data from nearby RTUs or c.Log500 devices, keeping a logbook and transmitting it periodical but it is also able to react to level change events, issuing immediate alarm notifications.

This innovative solution is to be installed at the outer edge of the ATEX (zone 2) /HAZLOC (division 1) area, placed on the site’s railing or a nearby pole, while our c.Log and/or RTUs will be in the ATEX/HAZLOC area connected wirelessly to the satcom gateway.

The iLogger Satcom allows Remote Operational Management through bidirectional communication, enabling us to keep track of the device, perform diagnostics, tweak for optimal configuration and make informed decisions on preventive and corrective maintenance actions.

To circumvent the costs that come with the flexibility of satellite-communication technology, we offer you the possibility to operate the telemetry service on a monthly base. You choose which months you need the telemetry service, so that it benefits your operation when it’s most needed.


Independence from cell-network coverage


Installed outside ATEX/HAZLOC areas


Monthly subscription based


Bidirectional communication, enabling Remote Operational Management